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Lakmē Scalp Care Relief Serum

Lakmē Scalp Care Relief Serum

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Serum for sensitive and dry scalp


Instant and long-lasting relief for hypersensitive skin. Rehydrates and softens the scalp. Ideal protector for pre and post coloring service. Hydra-comfort scalp complex, with natural active ingredient: Hydrates in depth. Conditions and softens hair. Soothes irritated and itchy skin. SymSitive®, state-of-the-art natural active ingredient, extracted from Mediterranean botanical berries: Relieves irritations and itching. Strengthens the scalp’s microbiota. Maintains the microorganism community of a healthy scalp. Respects the microbiota’s diversity. Long-lasting soothing and softening effect. Scalp protection for pre and post coloring service Long-lasting protection. Immersive well-being effect for skin and hair. Immediate effect. For a protected and healthy scalp.

5.1 oz

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